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Estate and Legacy Planning Seminar

Our "Last Act" of Stewardship!

You have purposed to exhibit consistent, God honoring stewardship throughout your life - and God has been consistently faithful to you in return.  In our time together we show you how such  lifelong stewardship can "survive us", and how that powerful narrative of God's blessing upon your life can find expression - and become a motivation to future generations!  

The LeTourneau University Foundation, deploying a proven model used by Legacy for Eternity© Ministries, is committed to helping you in this all-important area.  We are committed to holding forth the truth of God's Word and the design we find there for proper and effective stewardship - because there is a master design there, even when it comes to estate and legacy planning! 

In what could be a seminar or small group format, we get very practical about what effective estate and legacy planning looks like and the critical questions it answers. We also talk about how God's faithfulness throughout your life can find expression in your plan, from a model we find for that in God's Word.  Through careful consultation with you, we then assist you as you carefully design charitable intention into your plan - in such a way as to encourage future generations to live out their own faith story, and help pave the way to their obedience and faith.

What have some had to say about the benefit they experienced from such times together?

  • "Many of our members have followed up with finalizing estate plans that will leave a legacy to their children and the Lord's work."          
    Dr. Kirk Youngblood, Sr. Pastor,  Parker Bible Church, Parker, CO
  • "Our time together helped us see the importance of not only giving of ourselves and from our substance, but doing so with intentionality and a view to its purpose and grander design". 
    David Hintz, Sr. Pastor Flint Hills Bible Church Emporia, Kansas
  • "We really enjoyed the calm, common sense approach to how we can leave a legacy to our children, grandchildren, and the church. I never thought there could be so much relevant and insightful information about estate planning in scripture." 
    a participating couple (who are, professionally, Financial Planners) 
  • "The experience and resulting perspective for church finance and business that was conveyed through this material enabled it to uniquely assist our church in its coming to a more clear understanding of what God's Word has to say about important financial matters, and how to apply it to their lives."  
    Joe Young (LETU BA '99), Sr. Pastor, Emmanuel Bible Church, Great Falls, MT 
  • From this ministry's mentor and "co-architect":  "Drawing upon his extensive experience in both business and ministry leadership, Tom gets the discussion started in his focus upon what good biblical stewardship looks like in our lives and how important it is that such diligence survives us in our estate and succession planning".  
    James Rickard, Stewardship Services Foundation, noted stewardship authority and speaker


For more information about the broader program available from Legacy for Eternity© Ministries, please click here.

“Estate and Legacy Planning” – Does it Really Matter?

Think about this: early in the life of Israel we see the Lord repeatedly reminding them about the importance of passing on to “their children and their children’s children” God’s testimony of faithfulness (Deuteronomy 4:9 and following).  God went on to tell the children of Israel that He wasn't’t talking directly with their children, but rather with them – because “their eyes had seen” all that the Lord had done (Deuteronomy 11:2-7). 

Estate planning, when done with intentionality and by including a narrative of one’s life, can be an incredible means of motivating future generations.  Further empowering such planning with tax wise strategies that endow heirs as well as those ministries that have had an impact upon you and your family assures there is a means by which that consistent behavior is facilitated!

Watch for our next installment where we will purpose to unpack …

  • what estate and legacy planning is
  • why it’s important
  • what it looks like

and most importantly,

  • how it can be a compelling motivation for succeeding generations when it is empowered with an integrated level of charitable gift planning

As always, if we can be of service to you in this area, or for any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to email us at leavealegacy@letufoundation.org or call us toll-free at 903-500-2972 and ask for Tom Bevan.

And always a proper disclaimer: When considering what we might point to by way of a benefit to you in any given situation, always assure to consult your legal and tax advisor for what qualifies as the actual tax treatment of that scenario in your unique situation.

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