Faithfulness, Dedication, & Commitment

The Courson Society is named after Rita Courson, who has faithfully served the LeTourneau University Development office and LeTourneau University donors for nearly 50 years.

Her service represents sacrifice, dedication, and commitment to the students and the mission of LeTourneau University.

These same qualities embody those who willingly commit a part of their legacy (through an estate, legacy plan, or planned gift) to LeTourneau University and thus become a member of The Courson Society.

Rita Courson


Hear Their Stories

Those who intend to leave a legacy at LeTourneau University often work through a variety of different means, including their wills and estate plans, as well as varied forms of planned giving.  The separately organized LeTourneau University Foundation was established in July 2018 to serve our alumni and friends in just this way. The Foundation's mission is to help individuals and families consider their faith story, their family's needs, and their charitable intentions, all at one time.  With their many years of combined experience in this arena, the Foundation can help you arrive at strategic ways to accomplish your goals and meet your family's needs. Illustrations of that are below:


Scott & Alecia Patterson

Scott ('89) and Alecia recently found themselves at a crossroads as they entered into a new era in their lives.  As they contemplated what that might look like, and how it might be facilitated for, a Charitable Remainder Unitrust through The LeTourneau University Foundation became an ideal solution.  Through this arrangement an income need has been met, while at the same time allowing them to secure a future gift to their alma mater – very advantageously from a tax standpoint, and overall, comprehensively.

Scott & Alecia Patterson

Doug & Carol Roszhart

Doug ('84) and Carol ('84) had in their heart a desire to do something meaningful for their alma mater in their overall estate and legacy planning, but also felt the need to assure there was sufficient income for their retirement needs. Saving taxes, including the most efficient way to minimize, if not outright avoid capital gains taxes on long term growth assets, was also top of mind for them. With the help of The LeTourneau University Foundation, a solution known as a Charitable Remainder Unitrust was carefully constructed as the most optimal means to address both of these desires … achieve a tax favored income during retirement - while at the same time assuring a meaningful end gift to LeTourneau University.

Doug & Carol Roszharts

Harold & Mary LeTourneau

Harold (great nephew of R.G.) and Mary knew they wanted to do something meaningful for LeTourneau University, but at the same time, they wanted to be strategic in how they structured their intention. As Harold is an entrepreneur in his own right, they also knew that if there was a way to make a gift to LETU, while also providing income to them (that could be deployed to various purposes), that would be all the better. After discussion on this, a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, made available through The LeTourneau University Foundation, was opted for as the vehicle of choice – an option that was flexible in structure initially, but could continue to be so should they feel led to add to it over time.

 Harold & Mary LeTourneau

Larry & Connie Ethridge

After attending a recent seminar conducted by The LeTourneau University Foundation on the topic of Estate and Legacy Planning. Larry ('58) and Connie entered into a strategic discussion with the Foundation on what their unique Plan might look like - and how what they had in their heart to do for LETU could be secured. Part of the solution arrived at was an endowed scholarship aimed at benefitting future students, to the end that just as their future was secured through their time at LETU, so also could theirs be from their time here.

 Larry & Connie Ethridge


Join the Courson Society

Those who have recognized LeTourneau Univeristy in their estate or legacy plan are automatically members of The Courson Society.  There are a wide array of options for including LeTourneau in this way - from wills and trusts to stock gifts, endowments, and more.


Endowed Scholarships

Establish an endowed scholarship with $25k or more for student scholarships, for professorships, or for operations. These can be established over a period of years or through legacy planning.

Giving Through Your Estate

A charitable gift from your estate is a favored method of giving that enables you to achieve your financial goals and your charitable intentions.

Giving & Generating Income

Planned giving is a great way to support LeTourneau University while generating income for yourself and your family. Learn about the gifts that allow you to give to LeTourneau University and other charities close to your heart, while generating income for yourself and your family.

Other Ways to Give

There are numerous ways to support the mission of LeTourneau University. Contact The LeTourneau University Foundation (letufoundation.org | 903-233-3833) for more information.